Siedlisko Lubicz - Eco Park

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Siedlisko Lubicz - Eco Park

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Anything good I will not write, and so I will not fully give the climate of this place. Sielsko, angel - the perfect place for a quick reset after everyday...

Object gorgeous, spacious with a sitting area, landscaped with smakiem.Usytuowany near tourist '' root down ''. The owners are very nice,...

Description of accommodation

Welcome to Siedlisko Lubicz-Eko Park!

A magic place among hills and loess gullies, full of singing birds and artistic atmosphere. Siedlisko Lubicz-Eko Park is an idyllic guesthouse surrounded by gorgeous forests. The area is rich in historical venues. One of them is a Hut (Chata) dating back to the 17th and 18th century, with charming whitewashed kitchen with a bread oven.You will find your dream accommodation here! Kazimierz Dolny is famous for stunning gullies and romantic atmosphere. Tasty and ecological food is awaiting our...